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Sex Panther Candle Candles Shop Cor Blimey


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The 'Sex Panther' vegan candle is inspired by Anchorman and features the alluring and enticing scent of sex panther, rumoured that ‘60% of the time, it works every time’.

You will receive a random scent.

Made from:
Coconut Soy Wax with Cotton Wick.

125ml candle x 60mm diameter 

Burn Time:
approx 20-25 hour burn time.

Cor Blimey is a Norwich based independent studio creating pop culture inspired gifts + accessories.


Pear Drops -  
A reminder of the retro sweets with its refreshing combination of sweet pear and a hint of orange and vanilla and floral undertone.

Parma Violet - 
The marmite of the sweet world but a firm favourite for Cor Blimey HQ. This candle presents sugary goodness with its scent of fresh violets and complimentary rose.

Blue Coral - 
With notes of citrus and cool marine paired with a floral, musky undertone, giving the feel of the being on a seaside walk in the comfort of your home.

Gin + Tonic - 
Smells like a freshly poured Gin + Tonic with citrus blends and strong juniper berries.

Cuddles -  
With fresh pine needles and violet leaf with complimentary hints of apple peel, cedar and white lily, it’s ready to come squeeze you with love. 

Chocolate Orange - 
Ever wanted Terry’s Chocolate in the candle? This velvety chocolate and orange combination is the scent for you.

Cherry Bakewell -
Time to take a trip to the bakery with this Cherry Bakewell candle: fruity cherries mixed with a bitter almond and butter biscuit base. 

Whisky - 
Whisky lovers dream! This candle creates a cosy and warming environment with its notes of whisky and nuances of smooth velveted caramel.

Blissful - 
This delicate and inviting candle encourages you to relax and restore by watching your favourite movies. This fresh, fruit candle smells like Cor Blimey HQ’s favourite scent - fresh linen.

Blossoms + Rain - 
This firm favourite and your best sellers! Crispy leaves with citrus hints replicates a invigorating rainstorm on a fresh spring day.


- Avoid drafts, vents or air currents. This will help prevent uneven burning!

- Burn for 2-3 hours each time you light the candle and make sure the first time, the wax melts to the rim.

- Remember to trim wicks before each burn.

- Enjoy the scent and update us at Cor Blimey HQ with what you think!